The Monster Slide

It’s that time again. Another kid has graduated high school. Starting in the fall, we will be down to one, with two in college. When our first graduated high school, I remember vividly thinking on his last day of school, a week before graduation, “today is the last day that I’ll be making you a lunch for school.”

This past May, I went through the same emotions again with our kiddo. “Today is the last day, that I’ll…

Have you ever wanted the ability to pause and rewind something in your life? Kind of like the movie Click with Adam Sandler. I’d seriously take that remote and go all the way back to when our kids were in preschool. I’d go back to those moments in the park. Those memories of watching our kids make the climb to the top of the slide and then watch them muster up the courage enough to sit and slide down that monster of a slide and to watch them again climb and repeat with a smile on their face that they didn’t need either me or their mom to slide down with them. I’d go back to the class trips. I’d even go back to the little league games, the trips we’d take as a family, I’d even go back to playing catch.

Man, I miss playing catch.

I’d go back to the joys and the struggles. I’d go back to the day they were born. Just to relieve it once more. Just once more…

Of course I can’t. Of course it’s time to let them slide down that monster of a slide…

What I can do is dream. I get to dream every day about the lives they’re going to live in this world. I get to sit back and watch with excitement, what it is they want to do. I get to listen to the plans, the ideas, the dreams, and the questions about where it is they should invest into this world that God has brought them into. Yes, it’s a much different world. It’s not the same world they entered and it’s not going to be the same world when they graduate from college and follow whatever it is that God is calling them to do. I guess if anything I’d love to be able to fast-forward through their lives and see where it is God is leading them. Of course I can’t do that either…

I guess the answer is simple.

I need to sit back and watch.

With anticipation and joy.

With awe and of course some fear.

With trust and with faith.

That they’ll be able to tackle that monster of a slide.

And that the God of shalom will be with them on the ride down and that God will be with them when they climb back to the top, sit, and repeat.

In case you guys actually stop by and read your dad’s dusty outdated blog…

I’m so proud of you dudes.








2 thoughts on “The Monster Slide

  1. K. C. I enjoyed reading this. It brought back many memories of Joshua growing up, graduating from high school, joining the marines, graduating from boot camp, his first deployment, his return home, the time we had with him, his wedding, his second deployment, and now the anticipation of his return home, the completion of his contract with the marines, and… Only God knows!

    Greg Menck

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