Here we go again…

It’s here again. Another year. I must say this last year flew by way too fast. Honestly? I’m still stuck somewhere in between November and December. As I reflect on this last year I can say that it was a good year all in all. Our kids continue to blow us away with their awesomeness and the world is waiting at their door which thrills me. My wife still teaches special education at the high school and continues to love me in spite of the craziness of what I do on a daily basis and for this I’m grateful. Our oldest is in college, we have one that is almost done with high school, and another that is still cruising along.

Over a year ago I began pastoring a second church in Palmdale. I now pastor not one but two amazing Christ centered churches here in the Antelope Valley on a part-time basis. These two church by no means have thrown in the towel when it comes to serving Christ and making a difference in their communities. They love God and have a desire to be light to their neighborhoods and I’m honored to walk alongside them and to serve with them as their pastor and friend.

Here is my hope for this new year summed up in one word…


I won’t be focusing on keeping any new year’s resolutions really. I have a horrible time keeping them and hate the feeling of not being able to keep them. Kudos to you cool people, who are awesome at keeping them.

I will though look to the peace of Christ and I will let the peace of Christ be my motivation for everything I do this year not just professionally, but personally as well.

Here’s to 2014.

To God be the Glory.


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