Pastors Need Mentors






I’ve been out of seminary since 2003 and I’ve been an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church since 2004.What if on the day you graduated from seminary you received along with your diploma a phone number of a pastor that would be automatically assigned to be your mentor or coach? This pastor would act kind of like a sponsor as well as be someone in your life to hold you accountable in maintaining your physical and emotional health as well as your spiritual health. This mentor would do lots of listening as well as be someone who you could bounce things off of. If anything this mentor would be the kind of person who would slap you silly if you lost your focus and if the ministry you lead ever became a means for your own ego to be stroked. I have no doubt there is something like this out there and that some brilliant pastor has already come up with a mentoring program idea. This is a goal of mine to find a mentor especially given that I am serving two churches now. I must say if I had received a phone number of someone who I could call the day I hit the ground running in the church I would go serve, I most likely would have called that person.

Okay, I would have called immediately.


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