Blubber Club

This last Saturday our oldest went to his Senior prom. As we got him ready, helped him navigate through tuxedo issues, and as he anxiously waited for his date to be dropped off, the moment was actually kind of surreal. I watched from afar and tried to capture every move he made and grabbed onto every word he said. As his date arrived and we greeted her parents, we took as many pictures as we could take on an IPhone. After her parents left I drove him and his date over to the high school. As they got out of the car I had to get out myself and soak in the moment thinking that this time next year we will most likely be communicating via social media or skype.

As he walked away with his date toward the crowd of high school students dressed to impress, I couldn’t help be think it was just yesterday that I was dropping him off at preschool. For several hours I had flashbacks of each of our kids and the moments in their lives we dropped them off either at school or at some special event in their young lives feeling so proud and grateful for who they are and confident that God has a plan for each of them. I can recall many moments where I’ve dropped our kids off always finding it difficult to drive off too quickly because there was a small part of me that had to sit and register in the memory slowly as to not rush off too quickly for fear of not being able to remember the feelings I had at that particular moment.

I was talking to a buddy recently and he joked about starting a blubber club. I have this feeling that for the next couple of years as we launch our kids into the world that I will be king of the blubbering parents, praying for each of our kids, that the Lord would open up every door to them, that God would surround them with awesome friends, and that he would protect and guide them as they discern where it is God is taking them in the world.

Here’s to the blubbering parents club!!! Membership is free. No application required. Just a willingness to celebrate the kids you’ve been blessed with and the joy of being a parent.


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