Easter 2012

One of our kids said to me last night when it was announced through the entire house that there were two more eggs to decorate, “Didn’t we just decorate eggs?” Inferring that this past year has flown right on by. I couldn’t agree more.

Here’s what my day looked like…

3:45am alarm. Dressed. One of the kids and myself are off to help lead music for an all church wide sunrise service with five other neighborhood churches. Arrived to the church at 4:40am. Coffee maker on. The cool church peeps have decorated the worship space and the fellowship hall for our Easter brunch and worship service. Music copied, hot coffee in hand and ready to celebrate the risen Lord with some wonderful folks. I can smell the Lilies.

5:05am and it’s 42 degrees in Littlerock as we’re driving up the hill to the sunrise service. Set up, tune our guitars, run through some songs, In Christ Alone, Speak O Lord, He is Exalted, and Mighty to Save. The sound tech from one of the other churches helping out was a genius. Guitars don’t like 5:30am weather. Jan, Kyle, Kristen, and Michelle…thank you for helping!

6:05am the pastors gather together to say a prayer. Welcome folks. Sing songs of praise, hear an awesome message from my friend Jim DeVore at Cornerstone Church in Littlerock. The team of pastors did a great job leading in worship.

7:05am. Pack up. Head back to the church. Get worship ready. Some folks are starting to show up to help serve at the brunch. Picked up Walt our church organist around 8:00am. Grabbed a tall Carmel Macchiato with an extra shot of espresso. Head back to the church.

8:45am brunch with church peeps. The crew did a great job coordinating and setting everything up. The food was amazing. Someone made “baked french toast.” The ham rocked! The entire brunch was wonderful. Thank you Lyn and folks!!!

9:45am last minute planning. Slides are ready. Sermon I hope is ready. greet some folks. Met some new folks as well. I’m walking to my office for something and I’m watching the choir from afar practice and they just gathered in a huddle to pray for worship. Walt is now making his piano sing.

10:00am “Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!” Announcements, some worship, the choir, Walt, Mr. Terry, Eugene running the sound board, the greeters, the kid’s message, prayers of the people, the ushers, Gail printing the bulletins, everyone helped make the morning a special morning. Preached from John 20:1-18. Pastors don’t forget to tell your leaders thanks for the work they did this morning…

12:05pm Left the church. Need to make a quick stop at Trader Joe’s for some flowers for my bride. Home now. It was a great morning. One more family gathering at 3:00pm.

Thank you Lord for a wonderful morning and for the gift of new life found in the promise kept! Admiring the cup of dark chocolate candy eggs my wife gave me in my new Dodger coffee mug. Love you. We’re home now. Everyones tired but grateful. I’m grateful.

“Christ is risen! He is risen indeed”


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