It’s not over yet…

Honestly? The day after Christmas I walked into our local Target and the Christmas decorations were shoved to the back corner of the store for the hungry shoppers looking for deals on Christmas stuff. Valentines Day was already up and for a moment I felt jerked out of Christmas and thrown against a wall of candy hearts.

Every year we as a family get the chance to go to Disneyland for a couple of days. What I love most about Disney to be really honest is that the Christmas decorations stay up until after Christmas. As a matter of fact the last day you can see the decorations and hear the sounds of Christmas season is this Sunday. All through the park you can hear the Christmas music as well as a few familiar Christmas carols.

Our trip this past week was a little bittersweet this year because our oldest is getting ready to go to college this fall and over the next few months will discern where it is that he should attend. It was just yesterday that we pushed all of our kids around Disney in a stroller. I am filled with joy for him and at the same time I’m sad. I am also thrilled that he gets to do something I never got to do when I was his age. I was a late bloomer when it came to college. So, I am thankful and proud that his perseverance has paid off. I must confess I am the giddy dad living vicariously through him.

What I love about the above picture is that it’s a sign that it’s not over yet. As we celebrate Christmas joy found in the Christ child, we still wait for wise men bearing gifts, who follow a star. What was their response to the star they saw? They felt great joy.

As this new year begins my prayer is that we would feel great joy in following Jesus. I want to experience that same feeling the wise men felt the day they saw the baby. As a husband and a father I want my family to know that joy and as a pastor I pray that the church I help lead would very much experience the joy of knowing Jesus as we begin a new year together as a church.

May it be so Lord.


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