The love of the father…

Why do I love this? I love this because I miss doing this with my kids. I can vividly remember doing this with all three of our kids. I love this because it’s the kind of love every father should have for his kids. I love this because its the kind of love God has for us as his children.

Why do I love this clip so much? I love this because it hits me straight in the heart. They’re growing up. God is shaping them by the second and in no time our first will be out the door, followed by the second, and in a few years the third will follow suit. I want so bad to rewind the clock to each of the moments where they were light enough to hold, and dance with, and toss in the air, and squeeze, and hug, and pretend that their airplanes, and kiss. I love this because even though I can’t pick any of them up anymore, I can still give praise to the father that I am their dad and that what we’ve done and continue to do as parents has and will continue to bear much fruit.



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