A Familiar Face” by @Kyle Wahe

by DISCOVER Hollywood, DOOR on Sunday, September 4, 2011 at 7:54pm

“Kyle, what did you do this summer?” the voice called, firmly and genuinely.

-Assuming that this was just one of those stupid back-to-school questions,  I reply indifferently, “Worked down in Hollywood,” as if the voice wouldn’t care.

“Hollywood? -pause- How was that?” asked the interested voice.

-Shocked at the voice’s tone, I responded:

-“Well, let’s take a look. I remember not knowing what to expect; shopping for 72 participants; trying to fulfill the desires of twenty people at once.  I remember jamming to John Mayer with new friends from Napa; I remember riding the subway with brothers and sisters from Minnesota; I remember playing basketball with friends from Walnut Creek; I remember praising and worshiping God in the world’s largest band with friends from Sunnyvale and San Diego; I remember discussing accents with sisters from Mississippi; I remember playing hacky sack with my head among friends from Washington; I remember welcoming brothers and sisters from Tuscon; I remember doing God’s work in Skid Row with “big” friends from Colorado. It was a pretty cool summer.”

“Is that really all?” the voice asked. He was not giving up.

-“I remember opening up to 5 new brothers and sisters, and listening closely to their stories; laughing with them; I remember being inspired by the love and compassion that was shown to me by my leader Matthew; being able to call another man, besides my father, a true role model. I remember returning safely by the love of God, after breaking down on the 101 freeway. I remember reading God’s word in front of ten, twenty, seventy people. I remember all the beautiful faces and places I was able to impact this summer.”

A little moved, the voice turned around and revealed his face.

It was the same face I saw in everything above, from playing basketball, to playing guitar, to playing on the roof of the Union Rescue Mission, to washing feet, to cooking meals.

It was the same face that was able to keep hundreds of people fed on only one dollar.

It was the same face that gave me new family, and taught me what it meant to be a leader and a man.

The Man announced that he was God. He turned to me and echoed Matthew 25, saying that everything I did this summer, I did for Him.

I embraced Him and said “Thank you for letting me fall in love with you all over again.”

I saw the face of God in the city.




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