When the pastor needs a pastor…

A good pastor friend of mine is sitting in a hospital right now praying for his oldest son. Jim is a great pastor. He pastors a wonderful church in Littlerock just a few blocks away from the church I pastor. Jim has a great family and he and his wife are wonderful parents. Jim’s son Jimmy is a student at UC Riverside and last night was in a horrible bike accident. He’s in critical condition and really needs our prayers right now. I had shared with Jim that I really felt like I needed to drive down and be with him and his wife. Jim is a good friend and I know he would do the same for anyone else.

Jim had said something that I sometimes forget myself. He said, “I’ve never really been on the other side,” Meaning he’s always been the pastor, not the one receiving pastoral care. It’s a powerful a statement in that we pastors sometimes need a pastor.

The problem sometimes is that we pastors aren’t bold enough to say, “I need a pastor.” It means learning how to humble ourselves before the Lord and trusting those God has placed in our lives to walk alongside us in the joys and struggles that come with serving in a church.

Please pray for Jim and his family. Pray for his son Jimmy.

Pray for a miracle.



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