The Weepies

Saw the Weepies last night with one of the kids. It was a sold out show. When we arrived the line was out the door and down the side of the block at the Troubadour. If you’ve been to the Troubadour you know it’s a small venue. You have the option of sitting in the balcony area or standing in front of the stage. It’s a venue so many folks have played at over the years. Everyone from James Taylor to Guns n’ Roses have blessed the stage of the Troubadour.

If you’re looking for something fresh and real, these guys are for you. As a musician I appreciate the honesty and the transparency of these two artists. Humility is a big thing for me as well when it comes to looking for new music for my Itunes library. It makes listening to music so much more pleasant when the humbleness of the musician allows for me to actually sit and be fed. What I liked about the Weepies last night was that every song had some tidbits and bite sized morsels of grace for the soul.

The concert lasted about 2 hours. Lot’s of old stuff. Some new stuff as well. Both Steve and Deb actually sang some of their solo material. My son and I really liked Steve’s solo stuff and Deb’s stuff is pretty cool.

One of the songs I totally dig is their song, “Can’t go back now.”

Steve said when they wrote, “Can’t go back now,” that their kid was learning how to walk. When I heard this, the song made complete sense and as I was standing their with my son under the roof of the Troubadour I wanted to lay down on the floor in a fetal position recognizing that my boy will be out the door as he’s discerning and praying for God’s will in showing him where it is he wants to go to college;

And yeah, yeah, you go where you want to go Yeah, yeah, be what you want to be If you ever turn around, you’ll see me

The reviews label the Weepies as Indie Folk Pop. Whatever the label, It’s simply cool happy music for the soul and it’s a break from everything else that’s being played through my car stereo.

If you’re not a fan yet. You will be. Give it time. They’re down to earth, real, and fresh. What a concept.


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