My blog has disappeared. Okay. Not all of it. Just about 3 years worth of stuff. As we speak I can get it back from godaddy.com for about $300.00. They said they can dig in the soul of the “godaddy” and bring it back to life. In case you’re wondering what happened, it’s simple. I had lost my credit card, forgot to renew my account with the new credit card with the fine people at godaddy, ignored an email that I should of read, and pow!!! Gone!!! Totally my fault.

So, I have returned to my old blog. It’s cheaper and it’s free!!!

As I sit and wait for the blogging juices to take over my soul I offer you this…

I’ve come to enjoy using my iphone to take pictures of things I like or love. One of the apps I totally enjoy for taking pictures is my Hipstamatic App.

It’s the best A.D.D. app ever.

Peace out!


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