The Four Minute Workout

Now in my quest to becoming the lean mean machine I am I was recently driving through the good old Antelope Valley and noticed a sign that was advertising , “the four minute workout.” Now mind you I’d love to only workout for four minutes. I have lots to do every day. Its hard enough to get on the treadmill for at least thirty minutes. Now if you’re interested, you can even buy the machine for a little over $14,000.00. I think I will stick to my treadmill and to my snappy snap fitness work out facility with the cool snap fitness staff who make working out a blast.


2 thoughts on “The Four Minute Workout

  1. Go to and read the testimonies. Any one that wants to put their money where their mouth is, as I have put $100 up along with my promise that I’ll increase your speed and lung capacity in 1 week and in some cases in 1 exercise with only 4-minutes a day. Now anyone that not too yellow and wants to test me at my gym you can call 719-637-3180 to make an appointment. Put up or stop yapping!!!
    David Lee

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