Sharing the Pulpit

(This is a painting that my friend Jenny Smith painted of the pulpit at Princeton that I preached from on one occasion)

Something I’ve come to appreciate in my short time as a solo pastor are the opportunities when folks are able to fill the pulpit for me on any given Sunday. I enjoy preaching every Sunday. Whatever the season might be. Advent, Lent, and Easter and everything and anything in between. I’ve had a couple of our church members preach this past year and a couple of good friends of mine. Over the next two month I’m having some folks fill the pulpit for me. It will give me a chance to be fed and to listen. It will also give me a chance to connect with those hanging in the pews. Something that sometimes is hard to do when you’re helping lead worship.


3 thoughts on “Sharing the Pulpit

  1. I, for one, am so excited and honored to preach to your congregation again. Thanks again for asking. I hope that you’ll be able to hear the Holy Spirit through me.

    FYI, I am planning on bringing a few people along that Sunday.

  2. I’d offer my services too, but I don’t think your congregation would like to hear how poorly my Giants are playing for twenty minutes!!!

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