Pelican Bay

This morning in church we had the opportunity of hearing from a friend and follower of Jesus who shared his testimony about his son and how God is using his son in Pelican Bay. Manuel is a church elder at a Presbyterian Church in Glendale. Manuel shared about how his son began a ministry from “within” the walls of Pelican Bay. His son began a Bible study through the ventilation system while in solitary confinement. Did you catch that? Through the ventilation system. Manuel also had another friend come with him to share about a ministry targeting troubled youth. The ministry is called the ROCK program. What I appreciated about Manuel was his candor. The ministry that his son has been called to along with other followers of Jesus focuses on community and discipleship within the prison. Pray for Manuel as he shares the ministry his son and others have started with the greater church. Pray for his son who has six more years in Pelican Bay. And pray for his friend who was in church this morning sharing what God is doing in places like Pelican Bay through programs like ROCK. Especially pray for the ROCK program. The last visit Manuel made, they took sixteen youth to visit.

Ten of the youth came to know Christ.

I invite you if you have some down time today to listen to Manuel’s message here. We had some microphone issues this morning. You will need to use your Bionic ears.


One thought on “Pelican Bay

  1. This is a wonderful thing to happen. I just stopped to pray for all of these men and youth, I hope you all do.
    I came to this web site to find help for my son who is imprisoned in Oregon. A musician who used to do a prison ministry told me to contact Bob at Pelican Bay. To get a contact person here in Oregon. I am looking for Bob. Does anyone know a Bob who is involved with prison ministry.
    Please pray for my son he needs the Lords protection rith now. thank you

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