post easter


Sunday morning Easter schedule

3:30am Wake up

4:10am Pick up church member

4:30am Arrive at church

5:10am Arrive here.

6:00am Sunrise service begins

7:00am Head to church to put out lilies

7:30am Finish song slides

7:45am The Fellowship Hall smells yummy with breakfast foods

8:00am First service begins.

9:15am Take a break, hang out with some cool church folks

10:00am Second service begins

11:15am Hang out with more cool church folks in the yummy fellowship hall.

12:00pm Go to church members house for brief Easter egg hunt

1:00pm Drive home quickly for family members to arrive for the “Official” holiday gathering and start prepping the munchies. (Must have beef salami with the cheese and crackers, wifey runs to the store)

2:30pm The HAM arrives, potatoes mashed

3:00pm Everyone eats

3:30pm Run to VONS, out of coffee, need coffee stat! Stopped at Starbucks for a quick Cafe Misto to relieve the nerves and to wake me up and bought two pounds of coffee for the family to have with the pies.

4:00pm The family watches “I am Legend,” Sorry Mr. Smith, hoped it would be a little better.

7:00pm Every ones is gone. Clean some with the wifey.

Sometime between 10pm & 11pm I’m snoring.

He is risen! He is risen indeed!


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