“We normally spend 20% of the time analyzing a conflict and 80% solving it—it should be the other way around.” DA

Haven’t had time to process what I learned last week at Fuller. The class was awesome. I was overwhelmed with gratefulness that myself and 5 other pastor types had the chance to sit and listen to this wonderful pastor, teacher, and someone who truly gets it when it comes to dealing with conflict that occurs within the church. The reality is that conflict is a given; its learning how to navigate through it. Now the writing and reading begin. I believe the course should be a requirement for any pastor or leader within the church. I know I came away with the desire to get back into therapy. Needing a place to process the “stuff,” of ministry and life. Especially the “church stuff” that I have totally ignored over the last couple of years. I have lots of unfinished work I’d like to face head on. Pastors need to be able to get their hearts and soul in some kind of order to recharge and refresh the pastors heart. Anyways, the class felt like 50 hours of group therapy. I miss being in the classroom. Did I really say that? Hanging out all week at Fuller really was a blessing.


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