In class this week at Fuller. Taking a “Managing Conflict,” course in the Doctor of Ministry program. Conflict within the church is something every pastor or leader experiences on a daily basis. The question is how we deal with it and work through it with our parishioners. I wish that this course was offered in seminary. Would have taken it over and over and over again. I’ve been on the outside of conflict and I’ve been in the middle of conflict in the church. Still learning how to swim and keep afloat. This fellow is teaching the course and my classmates and I (All seven of us) get him for 5 days. What a treat to be in the course and to be able to be up close and personal. After this week, only thirty six more units to go. Oh yeah!


One thought on “Class

  1. Kase –

    You are so blessed to have a class with him. I was profoundly moved by his simple and somewhat dated book – Caring Enough to Confront. I want to buy several cases and give them to everyone I know. Pretty much every one of my previous approaches to conflict has been wrong – some I learned by what was modeled for me, and some I came up with by myself. I would suggest that every couple and every church session go through this book.

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