My side job

I keep getting these side gigs at my wife’s school. Meet Geronimo Stilton…


Again, this is what happens when you’re married to a first grade public school teacher. The number of babies and kinder kids I scared was concerning. I did get some compliments and folks thought I was Arthur. Anyways, it’s for the kids! Of course T-bone was my escort and helped me walk around the school because I couldn’t see where I was going with the big mouse head. The coordinator said she was already thinking of my next gig and I told her that I’m getting an agent.


2 thoughts on “My side job

  1. What the &^%#! Pastor Giant Rodent? Father Mouse? The Reverent Rat? I am laughing out loud at this; I nearly peed my pants. You must explain this further.

    Some people will cheapen themselves to no limits in pursuit of converts. This is sick. What did you learn at Princeton, anyway?

    A rational faith demands an answer!

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