A high and a low

Served with a pastor way back when who I grabbed this high & low idea from.

My high for the day…

222.8 with socks on and 222.6 without socks

down from 236 with clothes on. hehe.

My low for the day…

We went to our first IB high school informational meeting for our oldest last night. Yes I’m thrilled that he will be in high school. And yes I’m counting the days until he leaves for college. But yes I am missing the days when I used to carry the kiddoe on my back in one of those, “daddy I can at least carry him on my back, back pack thingy’s.”

The kiddoe can carry me now.

Back to work!

One thought on “A high and a low

  1. How in the world can Kyle be starting High School soon??? This seems wrong. He will always be 5 years old to me.

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