let it begin

Ash Wednesday service went well. It was special to begin the season of lent together as a community. Earlier in the day I placed on the BBQ the palm branches from last years Palm Sunday service. Got enough ash for the service but learned that there is a store that sells ash from the palms by the bag. I will have to think about that for next year as it took about an hour to get just enough Ash from five or six branches. I don’t think I did right.

It was a neat experience to watch the branches burn and to begin thinking about the season of lent and what God has in store for the church and for God’s people. In the last church I served there were two other pastors. We usually did the imposing on one another when everyone else was imposed. As everyone was coming forward I forgot to ask someone to impose me. Sure enough a very cool elder in the church came to my aid. As I drove home I made a quick stop at the neighborhood starbucks for a hot chocalate for the wifey and as I walked up to the counter one of the baristas looks at me and than at my forehead and says, “Oh man, my mom’s going to kill me. I forgot Ash Wednesday service.”Another one says, “why didn’t you tell us?”

I smiled.


3 thoughts on “let it begin

  1. Good for you for doing it yourself. Even though it was harder. We do that at our church. A woman takes the palms every year, burns them and collects the ashes. We actually have a mixture that is numerous years.

    A little harder, but worth it.

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