another view from the blvd

It was sometime in the 70’s when the Broadway Department Store was still around at Hollywood and Vine. There was a little department store called JJ Newberrys right next door. Mom would take us kids to JJ Newberrys to go shopping. I don’t remember why. I’m guessing it was for school stuff and clothes. Layaway was a big thing for mom. She could go in, drop some cash on the counter, and in a few weeks, be able to buy what we needed. Zodi’s was her other favorite store for layaway stuff. I remember the JJ Newberrys trip like it was yesterday. My two brothers and I sitting at the little old fashion coffee shop counter right in JJ Newberrys eating a scoop of ice cream in those little silver bowls. The lady behind the counter in that old traditional waitress outfit.

Remember Swensens Ice Cream? Another spot on the boulevard where father and mother would take us when cash was available. I think it was at Whitley and Hollywood Blvd. The pictures I received had some photos of my father carrying some ice cream sundaes to our table. As I look through the pictures and the memories from growing up in Hollywood, I find solace in knowing that both of my parents did their best in spite of their own issues. Although dad was a walking Budweiser can and mother had her issues, they both tried their best. I remember a conversation with dad later on before he died. We talked about the church in that he felt if we got connected to the church, somehow we’d be okay. When Mr. Young invited us, it was an opportunity for the church to intervene and they did. In dad’s view he couldn’t do what a father was supposed to do. He felt that if the church could do its work something might happen.

Well? It did.

Thank you dad.


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