I’ve found a new gym. Bye bye 24 hour fitness. Hello SNAP!

Okay. 24 hour fitness at 8am here in Palmdale usually has around 800 million people and you can never get on a treadmill or an elliptical and the place I’m sorry for saying this is smelly and sticky.

Snap Fitness this morning at 8am?

Myself and another person. Need I say more?

Check out Snapfitness It’s almost as if its your own private gym. It has all of the basics you need. The treadmills even have your own private televisions with satellite TV. Big screens everywhere. My bride and I totally enjoy this gym. It’s four minutes door to door from our pad. It’s clean and for the same price as 24 fitness I can take the whole family minus the t-bone kid. It’s open 24 hours. They even have personal trainer muscle people who for five bucks per session will hang with you and get you focused on a simple routine and workout for you to feel like your accomplishing something. And they’re building them everywhere where there is space in our lovely LA County.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.


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