Last Tuesday our food bank served 78 families. The Sunday prior to the food bank I shared with the church we needed over 60 turkeys. I’m blown away that when you put a call out for a need people respond.

A couple of things happened since last week. One of our members was in the post office and found a one hundred dollar bill. He says, “did anyone loose a hundred dollar bill?” A little old lady came up to him and said, “it’s your lucky day.” The member comes to the church office and hands me a hundred dollar bill and says, “use this for the turkeys.”

Another member calls last week and says, “my son knows where to get some turkeys and hams wholesale.” She finds out she can’t get the turkeys, but can get the hams. We needed approximately sixty hams at around 600.00 dollars. The same member says this past Sunday morning that we raised almost enough money from donations from people in the church and living in the community.

Two of the donations were from the chamber of commerce and a hardware store.

This Tuesday we have another food bank. I think things are going to be okay.

Its a special moment when community “literally” comes together to help do God’s ministry.

And people are still bringing turkeys.


3 thoughts on “community

  1. Hey dude

    Just curious if you really meant to use the term “gave the pitch” with the connotation it carries or did you mean to use a different term for the impassioned appeal you made to your congregation for the funds to provide food for the families the food bank serves?

    I realize we all use language that we are familiar with, but the use of that phrase struck me as contrary to the message you normally convey through your words and actions.


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