looking down, looking up, and looking forward

What a year! I am blown away that this year has gone so fast. It was just yesterday that I was flying back and forth from Sacramento. We’re in a really cool church. The Lord is definitely at work in our church. I can’t help but think that it was just yesterday that my family and I moved into our new home that God indeed made happen. Our kids are slowly enjoying the change from Sacramento. We do miss Sacto lots, but its nice to be near family and friends. The kids have actually made some friends in our neighborhood. Friends they go to school with. The neighborhood we were living in Sacramento had no kids which the kids still comment about often. As a solo pastor I’ve learned more about what it means to serve Christ and the church than I ever did as a youth pastor. It’s a roller coaster of emotions. The day to day stuff and the joy I have in being the one in the pulpit is kind of cool. I’ve learned a whole about pastoral care. Something neat possibly in the new year is that the church is currently pondering a first phase of building a new church. Between learning about conditional use permits and county bureaucracy its been fun learning and listening to what God might be doing. The leaders I serve with have a heart for Christ and care about the community. Just recently we talked about all ministry being God’s ministry. The leaders have been very supportive of the new possibilities for ministry. We are doing some cool things and have some cool ideas for ministry in the near future. We saw one Hispanic ministry move on to another church and we welcomed a new Hispanic ministry from the Covenant Church to use our worship space. They are a neat group of spirit filled followers of Jesus. We just recently welcomed a Korean fellowship to use our worship space on a weekly basis. Again, two groups listening to God’s call to go out into the world. What’s neat is that we’ve talked about doing a joint worship service on Christmas Eve. The Hispanic church every Sunday evening has a feast and yours truly walked into the office on Monday and was blessed with a gift of a plate of “pupusas.” YUMMY! I can’t help but think that my role as a pastor is to help folks look down, look up, and look forward. Isn’t this what advent is about? Looking down at God’s Word, looking up to God, and looking forward to what God has planned for us as his children? Now the question is how to do this when all of us get caught in the busyness of the season?


2 thoughts on “looking down, looking up, and looking forward

  1. Don’t forget it was a lot farther drive to get a Dodger Dog too! You were bleeding BLUE the entire time you were here, but I did have Tyler briefly cheering for Barry Bonds!!!

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