connectional we are

One of the buzz words that is often used in our denomination is the word connectional. I love the fact that I could call any of my colleagues in ministry for advice, wisdom, or even a little prayer. In some ways with the birth of the blog we’ve even become more connectional within the church universal.

A couple of nights ago I was sitting in one of the longest presbytery meetings I’ve ever been part of and there was an older woman in her sixties sitting behind me in another pew. I had figured out that she was being welcomed into the presbytery and that she was waiting for her turn to read her statement of faith that evening and be interviewed by members of the presbytery in regards to her faith and call as a pastor. She leaned over to me during the interview process of another pastor that was taking place in the meeting and said, “is my statement of faith ok?” I had mumbled something like, “just give them your heart.”

When I read the docket for the meeting I figured out she was a hospice chaplain and had served for several years as a presbyterian minister. Now mind you I’ve never met this woman before. As the meeting continued I had stood up once during the interview process for another pastor and asked a question. When you stand up in a meeting like this its customary to say your name and what church you pastor. After I asked my question I sat back down. The woman sitting in the pew behind me waiting for her turn to finally come to be interviewed leans over to me as I sat back down in my pew and said, “you were the pastor that worked with Jimmy? Apparently she was one of the chaplains that cared for Jimmy over the year while he was dying of cancer.

Its an honor in that all of us who follow Jesus have an opportunity to be part of a connectional relationship as the body of Christ and in the church universal. We all have a part in the proclamation of the “good news” of a Savior who will come to bring hope to a world in need of hope. This Sunday we get to sing, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.” Have you ever wondered what it might be like for the the Lord to sit and listen to his people sing?” Not just my church or yours, but the church “Big C” universal?

Happy Advent.


2 thoughts on “connectional we are

  1. Amen to this. for years I felt no sense of community with the greater family of Baptists. I did a retreat for some Disciples of Christ ministers and was reminded how wonderful our connection in Christ is. And how necessary.

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