turkey reflections


This year was the second time in several years we’ve been able to host thanksgiving for our extended family. My memories of thanksgiving included an annual trip to the sizzler in Hollywood and an occasional Jack in the Box run. I don’t recall having extended family or friends over. What’s awesome is that we get to do this for our family now. I watched our six year old wait patiently for his extended family to arrive. “What time are grandpa and grandma coming over?” The house was clean as a whistle thanks to Mrs. Kasedoggy. Yours truly had the honor of cooking the “Bird.” The goal was 4pm and we began eating at 4:15pm. The turkey rocked, the potatoes were “wahe” cool, and the conversation around the table was casual. My two favorite side dish’s of the day??? My sausage apple stuff and the corn bread with “real corn” as one of the cousins commented, “what’s the deal with the corn in the corn bread?” It’s now post-turkey day and the turkey noodle soup is done and I’ve had two bowls. Yummy stuff. We even did a little Christmas shopping. This year I am thankful for family, my wife, and our kiddoes. I am thankful for my extended family too. I pray for my brother Scott. Now its time to get ready for Advent. As our youngest waited for grandma and grandpa we now wait for the king of kings. We prepare and wait for hope to come and renew us to right relationship with God. And together we pray, “come Jesus come.”


3 thoughts on “turkey reflections

  1. Did you get to pluck all the feathers off your turkey, or did it receive a “stay of execution”???? Did you have scrambled turkey for breakfast on Friday??? How about a turkey casserole Friday night??? It sounds like you had a blessed day. We love you guys!

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