Seventeen years ago something amazing took place in the universe. God brought two people, opposites in so many ways, with something special in mind. Seventeen years this Saturday my wife Debbie and I give thanks to God for his love and grace in our lives. I remember the day I picked up the wedding rings. I wore mine all the way home. I know there were loved ones who wondered if it could or even would work? Lots of hope, prayer, and a who lot of trust in the one who promises that his plans are for a hope and a future. (Jeremiah29:11)

Three awesome children later, a mortgage, a couple of cats, a church to pastor, a teaching position, and a fish, we are still in the thick of things by God’s grace. We have experienced joy and struggle together and because of faithful friends who have loved us and role models who we have watched from afar in the church universal God has been faithful.

In nine months we get to usher some kids off to that next level in life called Jr. High and High School. With glee we get to overwhelm a six year old with oodles of love with hopes that he stays six just long enough before he too enters that world of adolescence and before we enter therapy asking, “what just happened here?”

Mrs. Wahe you rock my world and I am honored and blessed that you are my wife, my beautiful bride, and my friend. You are a gift from God and with joy I look forward to riding this wave of grace with you as we enjoy God’s blessings and help raise some pretty “Wahe” cool kiddoes.

Happy Anniversary Mrs. Wahe!!!


5 thoughts on “Seventeen…

  1. Ahhhh, KC you are such a good husband! And your love for Debbie is so clearly evident! Congrats on your anniversary. It is a special relationship that God has indeed blessed. May he bless you with many. many. many more years šŸ™‚
    By the way – your wedding picture is beautiful!

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