Culture Shift

While at LJO’s thing last week picked up some more books at the Fuller Book store. Tonight I decided to see what this one was about. Very applicable to my ministry as a small church pastor.

Right from the first chapter…

“Culture is the most important social reality in your church. Though invisible to the untrained eye, its power is undeniable. Culture gives color and flavor to everything your church is and does. Like a powerful current running through your church, it can move you inland or take you farther out to sea. It can prevent your church’s potential from being realized, or-if used by the Holy Spirit-it can draw others in and reproduce healthy spiritual life along the way.”


2 thoughts on “Culture Shift

  1. Good stuff. Now write a paragraph or two on what the culture of your church is life. Might help you to get it framed in your mind, and to refer to later on…..

  2. But if you do, be brutally honest in your assessment of what that culture is. Wouldn’t it be a joy to discover its richness and depth is far more profound than you suspected. On the other hand….

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