Apostolic Genius

Reading a book by Alan Hirsch for class called, “The Forgotten Ways.” He describes what he calls “Apostolic Genius” as the primal missional potencies of the gospel and of God’s people. Simply that there is something innate in all of us as followers of Jesus that needs to be unleashed.  What would the church look like if we focused our energy on helping followers of Jesus find that power within, the heart of God, to transform our communities in the Name of Christ? There’s another book for you to read Steve!!!


2 thoughts on “Apostolic Genius

  1. Doh! Like I don’t have enough reading to do already.

    BTW…prayers for Jimmy’s family, and your care for them, good man.

    Also, hey….I MAY have a lead on some UCLA / Notre Dame Tix for Saturday PM…can you and one of the boys come mebbe?

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