accidents happen…

Today one of my sons and I had an out of body experience if you will. Praise be to God we were okay. We were in a minor car accident. Now mind you I’ve had a streak of no accidents for 19 years. The last accident I was involved in was when I worked as a messenger. I was driving in Beverly Hills and rear ended a corvette. luckily I drove a little Datsen B210 that couldn’t dent a fly and things were okay. Today, happened to be the day that I’d be involved in one. We were just shaken up a little. The car is a little damaged but we were able to drive it home. Now we wait for the “adjuster.” The out of body experience was the momentary shock and than the realization that you were just involved in an accident. When I awoke from the daze dad kicked it into gear and assured the kiddoe that we were okay. The other dude was cool. No injuries. His car unfortunately had to be towed. Would enjoy the prayers of quick resolution and that my insurance rates will some how not hit the ceiling. Thank you Jesus for keeping everyone involved safe from harm and thank you for SEAT BELTS!!!!!


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