Back to school…

Good news for the 7.5 of you that occasionally visit my wannabe blog. I was recently accepted here to begin a Doctor of Ministry. I feel all goofy inside and overwhelmed with thankfulness to God for the opportunity to begin. It all happens starting Monday!!!!


6 thoughts on “Back to school…

  1. Wahe to go DuDe! Study hard, it will be over before you know it!

    Sorry about your Dodgers!-( Maybe the Giants will bury them a little more this weekend!

    Alilcia is loving it at APU. She’s doing great.

  2. As the .5, I say Congrats, too! DMin, huh? I wish I could get done with this crazy MDiv. Cool site…I’m really liking the whole world of WP.

    Peace and much reading ahoy


  3. Right now I bet you are probably thinking “Why in the world did I go to Fuller.” Don’t worry…A lot of us feel that same way.

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