nine eleven


We were expecting our third child during the month of 9/11. It was September 4th when T-bone came into the world via the grace of God. A few days later our middle child turned 5. I was also in the middler year of my seminary education. I was in route on the day of 9/11 dropping the two kiddoes at the time off at school in Princeton. I walked into the school office and a couple of the office staff were in tears. I asked what was happening and one of the workers mentioned a plane had crashed into one of the towers at the world trade center. I rushed home to watch the news and within minutes of turning on the news, the second plane crashed into the other tower. The kids would come home talking about it every day. Six years later I still remember everything I did that day on nine eleven. We enjoyed the gift of our son and celebrated the birthday of our 5 year old that week. We most of all enjoyed the blessing of the lives we’d been given and feeling grateful to the Lord for his grace, but at the same time still grieving that the world would never be the same.


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