Opal Parsons

This morning in church we prayed for Opal. Her daughter in law was on her way to Vegas for a prayer vigil to pray for clues and help with finding Opal. Right before we began our praise time we gathered around the daughter and asked God to help and to be admidst the search.

Here is a recent video of the news report.

If you by accident visit my “wannabe” blog or actually check on me often please visit this link. The more hits and more people who visit this link the television station will keep running the story from what the family has been told. Continue to pray.

Those who dig the blogging thing, if you can post the link on your site this would be a big help!!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Opal Parsons

  1. hey guys,
    im alexis sculley… i am the 16 year old great grandaughter of Opal Parsons.
    i just wanted to say thank you for all of the support you ahve given our family and all the research people have done and how interested they are in our case.
    thanks for all your prayers!
    this truley is a bizar case. if there are any updates ill be sure to fill all of you in.

    thanks again for all the love and support we have recieved!


  2. Hi my name is Brendan Sculley Opal Parsons Great Grand son and i miss her so much that i can hardled bare it….. something so hard and so powerfull could happen to her !!!my grandma!!! i dont know what to say but that i miss her so much we have been through a lot these 3 years and it is so hard to bare it!!! But i know that she will be waiting at the gates for me i love you grandma and i hope to see you soon!!!!!!!!!:)

  3. Hi. I am a friend of your Grandma. I worked with her. I just wanted to say I still am thinking of your family. I just wanted you to know that there are people still caring about you and your family. Just wanted you to know that we have not forgotten about you.

  4. My name is Lisa. I am the first of Opals grandchildren. At 41yrs of age I still cannot grasp how something so aweful could happen to such a beautiful person. The age old saying that ‘it’s the not knowing that’s the hardest’ is beyond accurate. I have of course lost loved ones in my life but never like this.Time heals is not entirely true. Time just goes on and you adapt ,but the pain is as strong as it was the day I learned she was missing. It has completely changed the way I deal with all loss of family or friends. I can only hope that whomever did this will tell somebody with a heart and and an ounce of compassion;that may have the decency to come forward. It only takes one person to do the right thing. She’s a beautiful person who deserves the dignity and respect that comes with finding her; in whaterver capacity that turns out to be. Please if you have any answers or information that could bring closure to our family; do the right thing,even if anonomously. You had to have had a grandmother too; or any one person who was special and good to you. Grandma I love forever and always.Missing but never forgotten. I love you always. Lisa

    1. Hello: I too am a friend of Opal’s for most of 20 years. When she first went missing my 2 girlfriends and I went around town and close to Sam’s Town and put up flyers we had gotten from Carol. I remember it was very HOT and we have prayed for her safe return, now we pray she will be found and put to rest. So there can be some closure. Opal has touched my ife forever. She ws a Lady and respected by all who knew her. I miss you Opie. And may God Bless your family

  5. Hello everyone a special thank you to all who have prayed and are still praying,for Opal Parsons it has been 3 years ago today and still no sign and no word on her whereabouts she is missed by family and friends everyday.I pray for the person or people who know what happened and really wish and pray that you would come forward to let us know where to find her.You have know idea how hard this has been.Just one person to say even the smallest thing might help in finding her. I pray that you ask God to forgive you for what you have done and i pray that you can forgive yourself.Living with the knowledge of where Opal is has to be very hard ,confess your sins and repent and God will forgive you.Please Please we would like to lay Opal to rest in a place that is peaceful for her family.

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