Spanish Speaking Churches Add English Services…

We recently invited a Spanish speaking congregation to rent space at our church for their worship services. I was introduced recently to the congregation during one of their services after 45 minutes of worship. I had wanted the church to know that we were partners in the ministry of the Gospel and wanted them to know they could feel at home.  I had asked the assistant pastor if he was going to translate making the assumption that every one present spoke Spanish only. He says, “no, they know English. I’ll translate if I need to.”

In light of this experience this is very interesting from a recent article from the associated press.

While churches from every imaginable tradition have been adding Spanish services to meet the needs of new immigrants, an increasing number of Hispanic ethnic congregations are going the other way – starting English services. It’s an effort to meet the demands of second- and third-generation Hispanics, keep families together and reach non-Latinos. Continue reading article here.

HT: Juan


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