Not much different…

Because of what I experienced growing up in the city, I always wanted to have my family live in an area of town that at least was some what safe from the mayhem of a city afflicted with issues ranging from crime to addiction to alcohol and drugs. Suburbia if you will. Clean. Quiet. Middle Class. There are other parts of the valley that we opted not to live because of the issues of crime and whether or not we’d feel that our kids could be safe. We also had hope that we could find a couple of good schools in the part of town we live that were able to meet our kids needs educationally. Last week our neighborhood, less than a mile from where we live experienced a drive by shooting right after the high school behind our home let out. A car of kids drove up to a kid with a semi-automatic in hand and shot the kid. The kid by God’s grace somehow survived. Not much different. The sounds of the city are becoming the sounds of suburbia. The only difference? The neighborhood is just a little cleaner. 

 ht: Roxburgh


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