Gilbert AZ and VBS Day 1 ROCK!

Blogging stinks right now. Not much happening. Went to Gilbert Arizona for a few days with the family. Nice little community there in Gilbert AZ. Gilbert has a few things I’m liking that California needs to get quickly…and that we loved.

1. lifetime fitness (a very cool gym with more televisions than best buy to work out to, a rock climbing wall facility, and an indoor/outdoor mini-water park and pool that we sat in and played for around four hours in 108 degrees of HOT sun) I’m sorry 24 hour fitness. When lifetime fitness comes to Cali…you guys are toast, we’re going lifetime.

2. PEI WEI- I loved Panda. I love Pick Up Sticks even more…PEI WEI will take over Pick Up Sticks fairly soon and I will love PEI WEI. Please come to the AV Mr. Pei Wei???? (We didn’t get to go, but drove by two stores I think…have come to learn PEI WEI is here in Cali…hurry up and come to the AV)

3. Wildflower Bread Company We had breakfast here and Panera Bread you rock with the all you can drink coffee and free WIFI…but these guys serve a cool little Honey-Cured Ham & Brie Frittata that was awesome and yes all you can drink coffee is happening at the Wildflower…

We are now back and ministry is happening this week in Littlerock! Another cool thing about my call as a pastor and that I get to help make happen….

VBS!!!! 15 kiddoes. It was pretty cool. I have to say that we have a cool church in that we have people who really do care about ministry and making sure that when kids come to the church that they are loved like Jesus loves them.

Four more days to go!!! Please pray for us as we try to reach kids for Christ in Littlerock! AND YES I get to play my guitar!!!

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