Kids and gaming. One word…Ughhhh

My gaming as a kid was asteroids and pac-man at a local 7-11 in Hollywood in 1981. If you wanted to play a game, it cost you a quarter.

I will be charging now as the kiddlings enter the age of the need to play 24 hours a day…

Twenty Five Cents…in 1981????

$5.00 in 2007?????? Oh yeah!!!! I”ll be rich by the time they get out of high school…I guess they will need allowance now…maybe not rich, but coffee money is nice.
ht: ysmarko


2 thoughts on “Ugghhhhh….

  1. friend, hope things are well
    haven’t talked for a while but thought of you when i drove past your church on sat after a LONG 8 mile hike.

    lots to tell, especially something pretty BIG, or just check my blog

    but will talk to you soon

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