Their turn…


I love this place. I miss taking youth groups here. It was a home away from home and it was because of this place I came to know Christ and his love for me. Now my kiddoes get to go. Our oldest gets to go with the church I went with when I was in Jr. high this next week. Can’t wait for him to experience what I exprienced. The next dude gets to go in a couple of weeks. I’m thrilled!!!!! Our prayers are that they get refreshed and come to know Jesus as one who loves them no matter what…P.S. Can you find waldo in the above pic (I’ll give you a clue…a whole lot of black hair)


3 thoughts on “Their turn…

  1. Wow…does that bring back memories for me! I loved that place. In fact…I am sure I am in that picture. I was there at the same time and recognize people in there including my youth pastor. I just can’t find me.

    Your kids will love it!

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