Day Off…

manhattan-beach.jpgDid a little self care today and took the family to Manhattan Beach. What a great beach. I haven’t been to this beach for almost seven or eight years. Back in my youth group days as a youth pastor guy we’d take kids to Manhatten Beach every week for a whole summer for what seemed like years. It was also the first time we’d been back to a So. Cal beach for longer than an hour since we’d been back from Princeton in 2003 and east Coast beaches, better known as the shore weren’t much to write home about and we hated paying to enter “the shore.” No. Cal beaches weren’t that great themselves. Being in Manhattan Beach today though brought back a whole lot of memories serving in youth ministry and the relationships we’d had built on the behalf of Christ. Now as for the family, got to go booooooogie boarding with da boys and played in the water for a very long time. Deb and I got to witness some happy kiddoes sitting in the midst of the grace of the ocean, some huge sand crabs, and the grace of God.


4 thoughts on “Day Off…

  1. Did you wear your sunscreen, or did you get fried??? I have a nice farmer’s tan myself! Sounds like a fun filled day.

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