father’s day…

oct-juno2007-144.jpgDad, mom, and some Wahe cool dudes got to go to a Dodger game this past Sunday. I have to tell you that this day trumped any bad day I had with my father growing up as a kid. Although I thank God for dad, I do remember one Dodger game where father was blessed by some security officials for being filled with the smells of cerveza. Sunday I got to turn things around and by God’s grace give our kids a memory that will last for a long time we pray. Dodger stadium in all of their creative genious let folks onto the field after the game. We got to run around and pretend we rock as Dodger dudes. What a joy it was to play catch with the dudes. One of them said, “I will be here in ten years.” Our response??? “Just make sure you buy the house for us, okay?” By the way??? Boiled dodger dogs are wrong…next time we go grilled and the Angels rocked!!!


3 thoughts on “father’s day…

  1. How come Tyler is not wearing his BARRY BONDS T-shirt????? I did have him brainwashed for a little while! Sounds like you had an awesome day.

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