I’ve been sick this week. Still have managed to get through the day with enough grace from on high to do my day to day things. I’ve been pondering the meaning and role that mission has in the church today. I’m overwhelmed by the mere fact that we the church (in North America) are years away from truly becoming a missional community of Christ followers where we reflect the world and our own communities and where we’re becoming equipping centers with the great commission in mind. I’m struck by the fact and thankful that there are many who desire some of the same things I desire, but because of fear are afraid of risking the simplicity of what Jesus calls us to do as his followers. I can’t wait and my prayer continues to be, that one day one mission would exist.

Father’s day is coming…

Daddy gets to go here Sunday after church…and we get to cruise the field and play catch after the game. SHWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Thank you honey!!!


One thought on “Sick-ee

  1. I went to this church in Atlanta this weekend and was blown away by their strong mission ethos. There were like 30 internationalities represented in this one congregation. Their website is I can’t remember if it’s got any mission type stuff worth reading on the site, but the pastor has set up a network called Presbyterian Global Fellowship ( it’s worth looking at.


    Hope you’re feeling better.

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