Post Memorial Day Pic…

memday07.jpgA church member took this of me this past week on Memorial Day while doing that invocation…as you can see the color gray is becoming a normal part of my facial hair.


6 thoughts on “Post Memorial Day Pic…

  1. You’re getting OLD, man! LOL. I’m still waiting to reach middlle age!!

    We saved some tri-tip for you from Alicia’s party. It was yummy!

  2. I cooked up 8 of them for all of the guests, and I have a couple more in the freezer for when you come up our way. Lynn Shultz also brought Alicia’s graduation quilt and presented it to her at the party. That was one of the things we thought we would miss out on since leaving Carmichael. It was a joyous day! Let us know when you’ll be in town so I can prepare the tri-tip for you!!!

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