Falling Down…

These last couple of months I’ve been in circles where the word “missional” continues to be a “buzz” word amongst folks. I think its awesome. This last week I sat with a bunch of pastors who were asked to think about what Jesus would say about the cities we live in and in our context as pastors. What does this mean to me? It means for me as a pastor that I fall down in the middle of grace in every aspect of my ministry. It means falling down on the side of those who hurt and who ache over the things of this world that don’t seem right. It means weeping for the parent who hopes they’ve given their child what they need in order to survive this world. Falling down in the middle of grace means that we hurt for the lives lost last week and for the parents who grieve. When it comes to being a missional pastor it means helping others to come to grips with the call to fall down in the middle of grace. It means helping others to catch a glimpse of the mission of God, to becoming people sent out into the world, to love as Jesus loved, even when things don’t seem to jive.


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