Post Easter…

He is risen! He is risen indeed! Woke up Easter morning around 3:20am. Showered, got ready for a beautiful sunrise service at 6:00am (of course it was the Antelope Valley cloud cover) Arrived to the church at 4:30am after stopping at McDonald’s for coffee. (I can’t believe I’m saying this, the coffee is actually better than Starbucks) Littlerock is also the quietest little place in the Valley at 4:30am. Finished one service got ready for the next two. It was a joy to be able to preach on Easter Sunday. Years past I’ve been on the other side listening to the preacher or I was always away doing some kind of youth group mission trip. This year was neat in that I got to be the one giving the message. My favorite sermon of the three was the one I gave to a bunch of folks at the Sunrise service in Juniper Hills. My sermon title was it really happened,” and my text was Matthew 28:1-10. What was special about the day was that three of the churches from the area helped lead the service. Each of the pastors had a different role and it was a day where we were one church, the church universal proclaiming that Jesus is Lord. We also had a great day back at the church. I loved arriving to the smell of lilies and coffee. After the second service folks stayed and ate some Easter munchies and fellowshiped together. The parental unit in-laws joined us for church. It was neat to have them in worship. We ended the day with a feast back at case de Wahe. Yours truly cooked his first ham. It was also a blessing in that we’ve never owned a home until this year, praise God! We were able to host our first meal for our relatives. The best part once the meal was over and as I couldn’t keep my eyes open from being up since 3:30am and stuffing my face with easter treats was hearing the sounds of the “moms” outside with kids searching for plastic eggs filled with coins and than watching one of the kiddoes counting his loot. Anyways, praise be to God that we in the church universal get to celebrate “Easter” all year long…oh yeah! The dodgers swept the giants…a very cool day.Thanks for the reminder Scotty!



2 thoughts on “Post Easter…

  1. It sounds like it was an AWESOME day for an AWESOME pastor!!! And to top it all off with a 3 game SWEEP of the Giants! Does that mean you’re going to send me a broom???

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