Holy Week

It’s hard to believe Holy Week is before us with Palm Sunday this Sunday. How come I feel like I just finished opening Christmas presents and leading a Christmas Eve Worship service? On Maunday Thursday we will have a service of worship and a Seder dinner. It will be my first time experiencing this with all of the trimmings. I’ve had a few friends who’ve talked about it in the past, but I’ve never witnessed what really happens. Palm Sunday branches should arrive today, and the Lillie’s are on their way for Easter Sunday. I’m working on my Palm Sunday sermon and the meaning of the word “hosanna.” What I love about preaching is that you get to learn things that you never really thought about as a follower of Jesus and a christian. Although, I’ve most likely heard the word  “hosanna,” talked about or preached about, it’s meaning of “save, I pray” is something I think we’ve all shouted on occasion. So, with Holy Week before us, let this be our prayer, “Lord, save us, we pray.” May it be so.    


3 thoughts on “Holy Week

  1. And you know what’s funny is that I hated Hosanna songs until one day last year I went into Bill’s office suggesting a “praise” song for the kids to sing and he said “you hate Hosanna songs? Do you know what it means? It means ‘come and save us!’ it was a cry out to the king, a deep deep pleading.” and so now…it means everything to me. I love it. And the kids sang “Hosanna”…and this week I pray “hosanna” because I am in need of Jesus invading my heart.

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