You know…

You know you’re a regular (and addicted) at Starbucks when…

1. The baristas race to see who can get your drink done before you actually arrive to the cashier.

2. When the baristas say to you, “where are the kids?”

3. When they say to you, “the usual?”

4. When the barista says, “hey you what’s up, like you’ve been friends with them for years.”

5. When you confuse the barista by ordering a drink other than your usual.

6. When the barista tells you, “sorry, were out of that tonight, but when you come in again, your drinks on me.” (And keeps her promise on your next visit)

7. When you notice that the regulars are not sitting in their same seats.

8. When if you don’t have enough money for your coffee they spot you the extra change.

9. When the first thing that comes out of the baristas mouth is the drink you usually order and not, “good morning, welcome to Starbucks.”  

 10. When your regular barista says to you, “this is my last day here today, it was nice knowing you.”


4 thoughts on “You know…

  1. And…what would the church look like if we took on these same practices a little more. What would change? How warm and welcoming all of these attitudes and behaviors are.

    You know you’re a starbucks regular when:

    1. You go there to see friends…and they are the regulars.
    2. WHen you feel violated that “your chair” is taken
    3. When friends peek in Starbucks first before heading over to your house to see you.

    I’m so thrilled that there is a Starbucks at PCH and Las Virgines opening…I think I’ll meet Malibu that way…and love God’s children there throughout the week. 🙂

  2. nice, word is that one is coming to 47th E and Ave S area out here…a 5 min drive from LR…so happy for you…look up Kevin Bennett and family. Tell him I said hi.

  3. Dude,

    Can you say “Hello, my name is KC, and I have a Starbucks dependancy issue”, and then everyone in the room says, “Hello, KC!”

    If you can, you are like me. Peace and happy coffee, good man!

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