Church in transition…

Attended a seminar by Eddie Gibbs this morning in Pasadena where he presented a seminar on the church in transition. He filled the 50+ folks on what the emerging church was and is today and how we need to rethink how we do church together. I appreciated his definition on what a missional church is, “the Missional church consists of followers of Jesus who are seeking to be faithful together in their place and in their time.” I also appreciated the reminder that we’re to disperse the congregations we serve into the world to do the mission of God, not send them off. Does this mean the benedictions we were trained to do in seminary are a thing of the past as pastors?  


2 thoughts on “Church in transition…

  1. That was today!?!!
    Well it’s not like I could have been there, even though I wanted to. Hope it was good. Eddie is a smart guy and I think he has A LOT of very pertinent things to say to the church right now.

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