Classes I wished seminary offered…

I must say I loved every bit of my seminary education. My theology classes with folks like this and this who I could sit and listen to all day long. After today and the fun I had today in officiating a wedding, these are a few classes I wish seminary had offered;

1. The Missional Theology of the Wedding Coordinator

2. Marriage licensee preparation and its use in ministry to engaged couples

3.  How to minister to broken down printers as a pastor without falling away from Jesus before the wedding.

4. The Office of Church Custodian and its function as a minister of the Gospel

5. The Etiquette of the minister of the Gospel at a wedding reception and how one is to function inspite of the yummy food being dished out.

Okay. Just a few.


3 thoughts on “Classes I wished seminary offered…

  1. k.c!!

    maybe you could go back to princeton when your old, grey, fat, and hairy and teach some of these courses… you’d sure get a lot of students!!


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