Earlier this week I shared that I had a chance to lead someone to Christ. I have to tell you part of the reason I’m blown away was that in my years of serving in the church I’ve witnessed others coming to Jesus, but I’ve never really experienced first hand someone wanting me to pray with them about their hearts desire to come to know Christ. I was in awe and honored and yet overwhelmed with the responsibility of being a pastor, teacher and in helping others lead a church. Okay! It was awesome!!! Anyways, I do my first wedding tomorrow, it’s a Renaissance theme. I’ve never done a wedding like this. Should be fun. And Youth Sunday is right around the corner! This day is a day I love and yes the break in preaching is a nice one!


3 thoughts on “Ministry

  1. Renaissance! I picture you dressed as Hamlet, or Romoe, or better yet, Othello. Prithy thee, cometh and lets get married!

    The thought of you in tights, however, nauseates me.

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