Blown away…

I was standing in the greeting line we have at church this morning. Typical Sunday. Preached a sermon on “Onesimus” from Philemon 1. The idea was that the church is a place where God extends the hand of grace to all of God’s children. During the greeting time, someone walked through the line and nudged her boy friend and said, “go ahead, ask him.” She looks at me and says, “he wants to be saved.” We stepped out of the line, he says, “I want to be saved,” we said a prayer together, and he was on his way. I wanted to cry. On the day you feel like your sermon tanks as a pastor, there’s one person who always needs to hear it. God is faithful. As for the fellow who came to Christ, I hope I see him again.

7 thoughts on “Blown away…

  1. I think it was the statement “I want to be saved” that blew me away. I was in awe of the statement that on this one day someone felt that they needed to accept Christ because of something they heard in the service of worship. It was also a reminder to know that as I prepare a sermon that even if it’s just for one person to hear the Word proclaimed, that I’d better be ready.

  2. KC:

    Praise be to God! A prayer has been said for that fellow, that he might return, invest of his life, and become part of your journey together as a family of faith!


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